Darrick Wood Model UN

A small group trying to make a global difference.

Conference February 2016

Before you read on about our conference in 2016, if you don't know what Model UN is I suggest that you head over to The UNA Website to find out more!


My name is Jack Richards and I am your Secretary General for DMUN conferences. In 2015, students from the London Borough of Bromley and our international partners will gather to discuss what I consider the most apt and pressing topic of this era; Poverty and the Elimination of the Millennium Development Goals. We have tried to create a comfortable, yet realistic model of the United Nations, and we hope that you all enjoy unravelling the topic and delving deep into the issue acting as your country, within your committees.   


As an extremely new organisation, we will be offering a current and innovative adaptation of Model UN as you may know it, but you will still be discussing the issue in depth, and with maturity. I, your secretary general, have a passion for professionalism, scholar, and decorum; and this issue will be discussed in such a way and with the same passion.


I want you to delve deeper than the blurred lines of black and white; rich and poor. You are the future, and the decisions you future powers make- will one day shape the future. From my knowledge and experience of Geographical, Sociological and economic issues, I can assure you that this is an incredibly pressing issue that needs to be resolved. You are the future; you are the ones to resolve it.


My experience of Model UN gives me the confidence that this conference will develop your skills of debate, research, creativity, and collaborative dialogue will be improved, even outside of the committee room. You will gain friends and views, you otherwise may not have had. In such a tangible role, your time with us will shape your perception and view of your role as a Global Citizen in years to come.


I look forward to updating you with more news on the forum as and when I get it.